Oct. 25th, 2011

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Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. Preview courtesy of ComicBookResources.

Yup, in honor of Halloween, gaiju vs. gaiju fighting. (though not in the Japanese art tradition).

Breathing rage and woe upon one another. )
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Speaking of breathing woe, the Walking Dead continues.ComicBookResources has the preview, and the stand off with people pointing loaded guns at one another continues.

Spoilers behind the cut.

The Stand. )
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It's time for yet another installment of Heroes! on Scans-daily!
(you guys tell me if you get enough of these and want me to stop~)

This time I'd like to take this occasion to introduce to you guys yet another Heroes! sub-series,called Lanterns!
Which is exactly what you might think, a Green Lantern centric series.
turn around the corner for Kyle, Guy, Hal and John IN SPAAAACE! )
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JK Batman punks his ass out

Read more... )

Maybe one day batman, will get a green boot pressed across his throat for all the shit he gives Green Lanterns...wont be from kyle though.
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Following on from Part 1 where we set the scene and saw the creation of the genetically modified beings known as "The Futurians", now we get a chance to see them in action

1... If by land )

2 If by sea )
Next up, more heroes, more bad guys all in the classic Cockrum style and appearance, and that's a GOOD thing!


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