Dec. 17th, 2011

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Alan Moore's and Steve Parkhouse's The Bojeffries Saga was sporadically published during the 80s and early 90s. It was more or less The Addams Family meets Coronation Street. Set in Northampton, England, Grandpa was a Cthulhoovian horror, the baby was a lethally radioactive metahuman in the basement, and Uncle Raoul was a werewolf. As for Uncle Festus?

Well, you can probably guess... )
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Bonjour, Ladies and Gentlemen! Chocochuy reporting for duty!

It has been a crazy semester for me at the Master of Humanities but I managed to survive with good grades so I am back to continue documenting the story of the most Mischievous Monocled Mugger of the DC Universe, the Gentleman Ghost. Last sessions dealt with his Golden Age appearances so today I am proud to present the Silver Age adventures of our favorite Apparitional Aristocrat. It may be true that he remained in Limbo for a while but he has cleaned the dirt off his hat, taken his fancy suit out for dry cleaning and polished his prized monocle just to return to his artistic business. It's Showtime!

A New Life for an Old Ghost )
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From Detective Comics #662. Some of the Riddler's goons are robbing the post office without the Riddler:

Plus there was that episode of The Simpsons.
"Hello. My name is Mr. Burns. I believe you have a letter for me."
"Okay, Mr. Burns. What's your first name?"
"...I don't know!"
Also, a character in the issue is named Dr. Simpson Flanders.

Not the only roof rat in town. )
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Bonjour again, Ladies and Gentlemen!

As I promised last week, today you get another dosage of the saga of the Gentleman Ghost and you are going to get a nice treat in this session. Ever wondered what would happen if the world's greatest detective faced the world's greatest thief on a match of wits and resources? Well, today's session will deal with such scenario by pitting the Gentleman Ghost against Batman. Witness in amazement as the Cadaverous Cavalier of Crime confronts the Dark Knight on a series of battles that would make them sworn enemies. The actors are ready and the stage has been set. It's Showtime!

Ghosts and Bats )
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Tis that time of year peeps. You know the one I mean. It's a time for friends and family, lots of food and gift giving, all that fun holiday stuff.

But how did the Bat and the Cat celebrate their Christmas in the Golden Age of comics? Well, long before they were married and living under the same roof with a very young daughter, they spent it doing the one thing they do best! Playing Cat and Mouse...or in this case...Bat and Cat!

Reload Image

Helena's mum and dad's holiday activities were certainly more colourful than the Christmas tree lights )
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Usually, I avoid fictionalised depictions of schools, with the exception of Channel 4's Teachers (because, yes, teaching is actually almost exactly like that).

Often, it's too cringy to fictional teachers in action as they're either life-changingly amazing (which I'm not) or are nowhere near depicting any sort of accurate level of professionalism.

I make a second exception for Image's Morning Glories, by Nick Spencer. The same Nick Spencer who is writing the super-delayed Infinite Vacation, who wrote two thirds of Supergirl #60. He's generally regarded as a "bright young thing".

The reason that I can read his Morning Glories series is because teaching is almost nothing like that.

case in point )
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Found this over here.

It has to be said that the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Green Goblin is... not a terrific design.

The term "Power Ranger villain" has been thrown at the design more than once, and that seems to be almost insulting to some of the Power Ranger villains.

But what could have been.... )


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