Oct. 14th, 2016

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"I think he’s possibly the one who resonates the least with viewers of the new series. Can you imagine him meeting any of the modern Doctors and the arguments not being real, rather bitter? That’s not denigrating the show at that time, it’s just who the character is and how the world has changed. I’m sort of building a pipeline between eras without changing anything central to what the Pertwee era does." -- Paul Cornell

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It's almost that other (2x) most wonderful time of the year again, so here's a story adapted from the movie Creepshow by some small-time writer named Stephen King and artist Bernie Wrightson, who should probably art all the horror comics forever. Check it!

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A-Force #9

Oct. 14th, 2016 08:05 pm
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'I never expected to love writing Medusa and Dazzler so much for example, but I quickly found things I adored about both of them – in Alison a real humanity and vulnerability that I didn’t expect, and with Medusa, well, the bitchy bored “better than you” thing is just always fun.' - Kelly Thompson

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In 2007, IDW put out STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: THE SPACE BETWEEN, a six part miniseries set at various times during the shows 7 year run. It sort of tied together in the last issue, but not really.

The first issue takes placing during the first season of TNG.


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