Oct. 29th, 2016

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'It speaks to one of the friction points that keeps the collaboration strong. The tag line of the series is, “If you could change into a teenage superhero, would you ever change back?” Why would you ever change back? [Co-writer Tom Peyer] and I have two completely different points of view on this. My attitude is, No! I would never change back. Not for one heartbeat. What are you, crazy? Tom has a much more nuanced, adult attitude about it.' -- Mark Waid

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With the recent debut of a new Metallo over in Supergirl's show, I thought that the time had come to have a look at one of Superman's longer running... B-list (I guess?) bad guys. Strictly speaking, the original Metallo was a couple of dudes in power-armour, but I'm focusing on the Silver Age version here.

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'Thanos has been "reformed" before, and - much as I enjoyed it while it was happening - it didn't take in the end. We're going to go in the other direction with Thanos, as long as we've got him - we're going to try and make him more terrifying, if such a thing is possible. Galactus, we were often told, has a higher purpose. I don't remember anyone saying anything as nice about the Mad Titan. And when you stare into the burning eyes of Thanos, what looks back at you? Do you see madness? Evil personified? Or something more horrific... Nothing at all?' -- Al Ewing

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