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You don't exactly have to be Leonardo da Vinci to spot that, buddy....

I'm posting a whole ton of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman related fanart, because you never see enough of it, and S_D is the place that introduced me to the character (on the old site). Credit given to the artists where I know their identities...

Cracked Magazine's Creepiest Superhero Comic Character, Terry Long...

And Terry as a Black Lantern, by "H".

Queen of Fables, by H.

Io, by H.

Every superhero has to get a cat out of a tree at some point.

Marty Stu gives us this take:

Thor and Wonder Woman, trying out one another's costumes.

"Tim" gives us more on that theme.


The Trinity as Pokemon trainers.

A whole bunch of Wonder Woman villains, by the very talented Miranda Leigh. This one was done in no more than 15 minutes.


Genocide, encountering some admirers.

Achilles and Wonder Woman by Tim.

Ferdinand vs. a Golden Age "Tigape".

Wonder Woman vs. Voldemort

Wonder Woman by "H"

Ferdinand winning Iron Chef, by Murt

Ferdinand NEEDS to come back.

Here's White Magician and Artemis finally having their rematch, by Murt

Angle Man, by Murt.

N'Ubia, tied up (it was inevitable, really...)

Doctor Poison and Wonder Woman

Marvel's Ares and DC's Ares, by Marty Stu.

Devilishly Dapper Doctor Domino

Genocide in a way I never expected to see her. O_O

Because nobody demanded it: Doctor Psycho in a speedo.

Doctor Cyber

Egg Fu (Dr. Chang Tzu) meets Egghead (Vincent Price)

Giganta skipping rope

Etta Candy, Cheetah, and Flash have a race

Cheetah as Lara "Tomb Raider" Croft. Because they're both British Archaeologists, you see...

Not Wonder Woman, but awesome. Bane having some chopstick difficulty, by "L".

Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman, by Tim.

Jaime and Diana REALLY need to meet!

mildly nsfw (you can just about see a...)

Date: 2009-05-17 11:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] thanekos.insanejournal.com

well, that puts a disturbing spin on the Wailord/Skitty problem.


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