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Over at the DC Boards, Gail revealed that Achilles is gay.

Yeah, no point in being coy. Historically, Achilles was bi, but in this era, he's absolutely gay.

It's just part of who he is. DC has a ton of lesbians, but not that many gay heroes or even anti-heroes. He's not meant to be a token, I think he's a pretty cool character on his own and if he gets a chance to shine, I think we'll see that--up til now it's mostly been potential.

But RotO was about good intentions and how even people with good intentions can destroy worlds if they're not careful, so he's been put in a terrible position--his faith in the gods is pretty much absolute, but it puts him in direct conflict with what he believes is right, like his respect for Diana and Hippolyta. I have a lot of sympathy for a person in that position, I think we've all been there where what we believe in conflicts with who we have faith in.

Gail also said that Alkyone was gay in a thread over at CBR.


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