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Back in 1988, Marvel ran a competition to create a new mutant character, with the prize being that they would feature in a Marvel comic... sort of like a low rent version of the 1980's "Dial H for Hero" (Which I must make a post on soon). There were Junior and a Senior sections.

The Senior winner was Tom "Alchmey" Jones, who showed up in an X-Factor story (with art by Art Adams, and about gold-greedy trolls trying to use his transmutation powers for their own ends) and the Junior winner (in a story with art by Sal Velluto) is this character....

The debut of... Lighttrakker! )
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Well, we've had some serious stuff on here lately, and that's fine and dandy of course, but I believe in leavening that mix with some fun, and in this case, it's the adventures of what have to count as the youngest team of superheroes ever, their shapeshifting living spaceship and their magical alien space horsey who thinks Earth should survive because of "Alice in Wonderland".

From 1984, and a longbox it took me a while to find, comes, issue 1 of...

(Approximately 12 pages from a 36 page issue, and three panels from #3)

Saving their parents - and the world - in their jim-jams! )
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Feeling in the mood to post more Bloodlines since it's probably one of my favorite things to come out of the 90's.

Last issue we met Layla the space exploring Captain from L.E.G.I.O.N as she teamed up with Lobo.

This story we have the team-up of Steel and a man named Tom soon to be known as Edge, the "blade-hurling community hero".

One thing I loved about Bloodlines was how time specific it was to the DCU. At the time it was published Superman was still "dead" from his battle with Doomsday. Batman had his back broken and was replaced by Jean-Paul. Slade was less of a villain and a anti-hero and so on so it was fun to see a story showing Steel being a hero when he first showed up filling in for Superman alongside the other three Supermen.

18 pages from a 54 page story.

So without further ado Bloodlines hits Earth! )

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I'm indebted to [personal profile] proteus_lives whose scans of these from a posting way back were easier to find on my hard disc and edit than digging out my copy of New Mutants #60. There are just over 5 pages from a 40 page issue here.

Summation of events to date... Sunspot and Warlock had left the team after Bobby had run away from school after accidentally nearly crippling Sam, and Warlock had left with him to make sure he was okay (Why Warlock would leave Doug and co like that is never adequately explained, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LIKE Louise Simonson's writing on other titles, her Power Pack was awesome, but her New Mutants issues just plain never worked for me). They end up joining the Fallen Angels gang for a while, but eventually leave to come back home.

Meanwhile, bereft of his selfsoulfriend (and also his protection in battle situations), Doug is on something of a downer, his inferiority complex kicks into high gear, and even his somewhat unexpected relationship with Rahne is suffering because she is spending all her time fussing around a new friend "Birdbrain", humanoid bird creature who they helped release from captivity. He's basically having a REALLY shitty few months..

But it's still better than what it so come )

char: cypher.doug ramsey, char: warlock, char; cannonball/sam guthrie, char: sunspot/roberto dacosta, char: wolfsbane/rahne sinclair, char: mirage/dani moonstar, title: new mutants, creator: louise simonson, creator: brett blevins, event: death week

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Intermission: Hangin' with Beetle (pt 2)
With special bonus: Vic's Cool Quota Runs A Surplus

Tonight we're looking at Blue Beetle v6 #'s 5-7, by Len Wein and Paris Cullins. There's a lot of crazy meta stuff surrounding this arc. It ends two months before Ted plays his part in the Legends cross-over, which lead to JLI, so he hasn't really fostered any relationships with DC natives yet, so they apparently decided to reinforce his friendship with a fellow Charlton immigrant first. Also, and really, really interestingly, Vic's guest spot in BB #'s 4-7 (#4, if you'll remember, we glanced at in our last post) were released concurrently with the first four issues of Watchmen. It's makes me curious as to whether this arc happened to further establish Vic and Ted's partnership in order to legitimatize the homage of Rorschach and Nite Owl. It's a lot to think about.

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So, way back when, the X-Factor was a team that combated mutant prejudice by pretending to be mutant-hunters who captured dangerous mutants, who of course they advertised as being so dangerous you needed specially-trained operatives to come in and round them up. This didn't go over well. So, Marvel did what it always does when their heroes act like idiots: Reveal it was all someone else's fault!

In this case, Cameron Hodge, the team's PR man, turned out to be a member of The Right (unfortunately, this was before Peter David's run on the title, so Hodge was never protected by the Right Guard, yuk yuk), an anti-mutant organization he created. Really, who starts an anti-mutant organization when there are already forty billion out there? On LJ, you'd get yelled at for creating a fourth Wolverine/Rogue comm.

Hodge betrayed the team and went all supervillain on them, driving Angel to pretend-suicide, kidnapping mutants for experiments, and finally kidnapping Angel's girlfriend Candy Southern, who despite the name is neither a stripper or a gay porn star.

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Greetings True Believers! I saw several New X-Men posts and it got me thinking about the original crew of muties, The New Mutants. Aside from a few holes, I own pretty much all of the original 100 issue run of NM. To this day it's one of my favorite comic series. Serious, funny, heart-breaking, great characters. In an era where the phrase "Protecting a world that fears and hates them." really meant something. New Mutants was Buffy before Buffy. Outcasts, nerds, jocks, pagans, farmboys, casanovas, mean teachers, evil adults, the agonies of growing up. All while being mutants who occasionally have to save the world and live up to the mantles of those who came before them.

This post is from the TPB, Fall of the Mutants. An X-Crossover (Back when crossovers were still a new/clever idea.) It concerns the death of one of the New Mutants. A boy named Doug Ramsey. His code name was Cypher and his power was Omnilingualism, meaning he could translate any language spoken, written or on a computer. Weird huh? His death was controversial. He was apparently one of those character you either loved or hated. (He's also one of the few MU characters that has never returned from the dead. So his death still has some impact.)

What did you think of Doug Ramsey?

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