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I didn't post this during this during my initial 'Bendis' Daredevil' series but I figured I would now. It's his first Daredevil story that he did and it was a stand-alone arc that took place before his main run began (there was another writer's arc in between the two). It's considerably different in style and tone than the rest of his work.

As a warning, this story deals with child abuse.

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(Triggers: multiple mentions of suicide, with a character actually being encouraged to kill himself and wanting to die. He doesn't, for what that's worth. Also trigger warnings for imprisonment involving prolonged sensory deprivation and starvation--while those things aren't among the trigger tags, I can certainly imagine how they could be triggers for anybody having gone through certain ordeals. Finally, there is some dialogue here which could potentially bring back memories of child abuse.)

One page from Captain America #367, two pages from a five page backup story in Captain America #369 and seven pages from Captain America #370.

Scans have already been posted of Magneto vs. the Red Skull (or to be more accurate, Magneto hunting the Skull while having to deal with every obstacle and distraction the latter can throw at him). The links to those images seem to be broken, and I thought of posting new images, but decided to play it safe and wait until I got the okay from a mod here. For now, I will just post what happened afterwards.

To briefly recap: after meeting the Red Skull, Magneto wants to know if he's the same Skull who was with the Nazis in World War Two, which the Skull admits. Even though the Skull didn't actually run the death camps, he still willingly served Hitler and Magneto wants to know what he has to say for himself. The Skull stalls by giving him a "We're not really so different" speech, since both of them want to see their respective "master race" inherit the Earth, before trying to kill him. Long story short, it doesn't work, the Skull tries to get away but fails, and the issue ends with this page:
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In the new season of Legend of Korra (which is VASTLY improved over the previous two, by the by), they're exploring the family of Toph Bei Fong, and as such, I thought that I'd post some stuff from the recent Rift mini-series from the interquel comics from between Airbender and Korra.

Spoilers for the Rift and Korra season three
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More horrifying than Mignola! More messed up than Junji Ito! More Perverse than a Mark Millar deconstructionist superhero comic! More lacking in its basic understanding of medical law than that one Veronica Mars episode!
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I've long been a fan of Dean Trippe, diehard comic book fan, excellent artist in his own right, creator of Butterfly (one of the most delightful and charming webcomics I've ever read) and one of the lights behind the ever-enjoyable "Project Rooftop" superhero redesign competitions.

He is also one of the most articulate and thorougly decent chaps you could hope to communicate with, and a loving and devoted father (This was Dean and his son three years ago, and they're still going trick or treating as the Dynamic Duo again this year.), and when you realise what he went through to become such a person, it's even more impressive.

Trigger warning as discussions of child abuse and suicide under the cut

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One of the best things about the internet is the sheer variety of media you find, more or less by chance. From the whimsical and amusing, to those which are so scorchingly painful you can practically FEEL the cost of writing it to the author as you read it.

This is very much the latter.

"Lighter than my Shadow" is a forthcoming autobiographical graphic novel about growing up with anorexia and coming to terms with it in adulthood by a British creator; Katie Green.

I'll say up front there are trigger warning  for issues here involving an eating disorder as well as a reference to sexual abuse in the material linked to, so proceed any further bearing that in mind.

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