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It took me a little while to figure out how the story worked, and when it was done I dedicated it to Ray Bradbury, who would have written it much better than I did. -- Neil Gaiman

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Hellboy once again reminds us why vampires are not to be tolerated to walk amongst the living.

*modified by request for context
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Well, Halloweens almost over so why not make one last post? I did a post featuring the first issue last year just before Halloween kinda sad that I haven't done one in all this time.

So here's issue 2 and 3 of Steve Niles and Scott Hampton's Simon Dark. 7 pages each from 22 page story.

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The second feature of the First Wave "Doc Savage" comic book is "Justice, Inc." The main character of that feature is Richard Henry Benson, the Avenger. If Doc Savage is the Man of Bronze, then the Avenger is the Man of Ice. 3 pages of 10 from Doc Savage #1, and a few bonus Avenger images below the cut.

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All in all, this short bit is intriguing, and we'll see where it's leading.

Your thoughts and comments?

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char: the avenger/richard henry benson
creator: jason starr
creator: scott hampton
publisher: DC comics
title: Doc Savage
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Apologies in advance if this comes out incoherent. Got hit by fever and I'm dreading that it's the pigflu, so I'm not exactly thinking straight at the moment. But anyways...

As to the title, sometimes I agree.

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Since Halloween is just about here for me it's time to post a Halloween esque story, meet Simon Dark!

Meets Gotham City's greatest new hero!

If anyone really wants me to I'll continue posting after this, let me know.

I absolutely loved the Simon Dark series and while I can only show you so much hopefully you will too.


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