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Back in the 1998 Generation X Annual, the Gen X kids came into conflict with the granddaddy of all vampires - Dracula. (Possibly because Dracula was pissed at Chamber for being a descendant of his old enemy, Apocalypse, but that's another story entirely.) Anyway, they didn't fare great - Chamber was plagued by nightmarish visions, Paige gets stalked in her underwear (just so you know it really is a Dracula story, presumably) and Jubilee, well, it wasn't her finest hour...

This might possibly prove to be relevant.

Later there's a trip to the theater, where Jono gets tackled by a vampire in the rest room (although why he even needs to go there is a mystery), leaving Paige and Jubilee alone in the school.

Which means sneaking up on the blonde while she's wandering around in her underwear and kidnapping her, in good Dracula tradition. The rest of Gen X mount a rescue mission, but Jono's distracted by Dracula attempting to sway him with visions of his face and body restored and winds up being a snack, while Jubilee tries for a rematch.

It's brief.

Good to see Jono was raised on the Hammer Horror classics.

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Well, it turned out that Jono was descended from one of the two surviving members of Clan Akkaba (a fire breathing opium addicted policeman). Sadly, I lack scans to show this, though I constantly check the mini-series in question out from the library.


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