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Look, it's "One Perfect Moment" week, it's me... you KNOW I had to do one of these, right?

You're a new villain, you want to make a splash, make a name for yourself. For that you need Batman as your nemesis, and how do you go about getting him to even notice you, after all, it's not like Gotham isn't awash with bad guys already...

You could send flowers, or chocolates, or write him a letter or...

You could just kidnap a Robin...

Boy, whoever kidnapped him really knows how to pose a Teen Wonder for maximum cute hostage appeal no? I'd SWEAR he was pouting for the camera in that shot. They might as well have written "Dear Batman, We have Robin! He's going to be starring in gay porn with some light S&M thrown in... Save him, if you can really want to (Alternatively, tapes will be available at a special discount rate to you of $80 a pop)

And at no extra charge, ANOTHER One Perfect Moment from only two pages later in the same issue

He so ubiquitous these days, but his introduction was seriously kickass! Listen to it in David Warners voice from BTAS, another stroke of voice casting brilliance, as NO ONE does "clinical yet world-weary" like David Warner can.

He's just so marvellously matter of fact about things... Walking into the Batcave unannounced, and casually letting it be known he knows who Batman is, simply because he applied logic AND WORKED IT OUT... AWESOME!

The above courtesy of Batman 232, by Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano.

Date: 2010-08-01 01:12 am (UTC)
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Dick... he's -- he's like a beautiful, green, red, and yellow Christmas present! All tied up and waiting to be, er, unwrapped?

And I kind of want to read this whole issue now!


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