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It began in the year 2520.

It then jumped back five hundred years, to King Turok of the Lost Valley.

He stood, a troubled protector.

To his brother Andar, he spoke again of his dreams.

" I dreamt of a great death, taking root in my valley and spreading throughout the world.

" A roaring shadow.. "

(This go-around's embracing the idea of these characters co-existing from the start.)

That was a storm.

It was more than a storm- it was the call Turok heard in his dreams, of the monstrosity Turok saw in his dreams.

Lightning cracked in the far away skies. Darkness grew far away on the ground, rising above the trees.

Turok dressed for battle. At the head of some men, he rode to meet the darkness, leaping into its maw.

Mighty Samson of N'Yark rose to his feet.

So ended the main story of The Sovereigns #0, written by Ray Fawkes and drawn by Johnny Desjardins.

It'd set up the title's main story- old heroes fighting the end of their days.

The backups that followed set up the stories of each individual hero.

The thing is, each hero whose story's set up? Is clearly different from their version in The Sovereigns.

Take Magnus, who as written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Jorge Fornés isn't so much a fighter of robots.

She's introduced hunting one down, finally catching up to him on a walkway.

" Whoa, Cliff.. just take a breath. "

A shocked Cliff fell backwards; she caught him.

" All right, all right.. I've got you, Cliff.. "

" Please..

" I don't wanna go back. I can't. Do you realize what they make me do? "

" They'll treat you better. I'll talk to them. It'll be different this time. "

Her job done, she returned to the world more solid.

(It's an even chance as to whether or not " Doctor Magnus and Cliff " here is a Doom Patrol allusion, but it'd be neat if it was.

Also, if Magnus' living of gentling AI psyches into a behavioral groove that allows them to better serve their designated role is reminding you of something, Black Mirror has explicitly been cited as an influence on this.)

The next story was Turok's, written by Chuck Wendig and drawn by Álvaro Sarraseca. It was set three years earlier than King Turok's, also in a Lost Valley.

The dinosaurs he hunted had weapons.

So did he.

(What Dynamite's doing is an introductory Magnus backup in The Sovereigns, then starting the ongoing.)

The Doctor Spektor backup after that, written by Aubrey Sitterson and drawn by Dylan Burnett, ended the issue.

It opened on him in Brooklyn, three years and infinity away from the Grandmaster, waking up to discover a note taped to his chest saying that it was his turn to cover the rent.

So he went down with a bucket.

" Not enough crowd for three drummers. "

He drummed, drumming up money.

A hand reached into his cap and picked his up.

" Hey! Who the hell do you think you- ?!

" Awww, %$@&.. "

(Turok's ongoing looks like it's starting after two issues of backup in The Sovereigns. That way of doing things' bit kinder than asking a reader to jump in on a few near-simultaneously starting ongoings on faith.

The ending panel with the key being the ending panel of the issue's a nice touch. It's not yet clear how these heroes are related to the ones in The Sovereigns- " alternate dimension " seems plausible, but would be borrowing a trick from the recent Gold Key: Alliance.

I'm banking on legacies earlier and simultaneous for now.)

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Gold Key comics sound interesting to me, but with three recent takes you say? Sounds a bit intimidating to know where to start.

Date: 2017-05-07 11:57 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] q99
Yea, what I mean is more, I feel like I'd have to figure out which version is best for me.


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