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Throughout DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS (by Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory, and Scott Godlewski), there have been three power players. There's Conrad Barrington, CEO-turned-vampire who wants to usurp Dracula as king of vampires; there's Dracula himself, who's staging a takeover of Conrad's company in retaliation; and there's Marta Stefanescu and her family, the greatest vampire hunters in all of Romania (which, according to the series, is like being the greatest sumo in all of Japan.)

Our protagonist, Evan Barrington-Cabot, has been pulled in three directions throughout the series, each side wanting him for its own. He's remained indecisive, unsure of where to stand all this time. That is, until the latest issue, where events finally push him to make his choice. Or does he?

Four pages each from issues 7 and 8... )
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CosmicBookResources with the preview as the fallout from last issue begins to build and our protagonist must choose sides.

One simple but imposing pic behind the cut.

Why couldn't it be Heath Ledger Joker in a nurses outfit? )
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Four pages from DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS 5. Last issue, Dracula broke free from his corporate masters at Barrington Industries. He got a third of his body blown off by C4 in the process, but hey, he's free. Out in the world once more, what's next for the Impaler Prince?

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DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS is a new ongoing series by Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory, and Scott Godlewski. The premise is basically Dracula vs. Big Business. Issue #1 came out this week.

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