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IGN has the update from Marvel's press call about the changes coming up for Ghost Rider.

Black leather and chains. )
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Well, fellow scans_daily members, you have voted. In accordance with the wishes of the majority, I will now post an unusual 1953 story (not 1948 story as I originally thought - I really should check the dates beforehand)  where a 16-year-old girl marries a 19-year-old guy, sleeps with him, has second thoughts about the whole marriage thing and runs off to enlist in the army when her brush with marriage becomes fodder for town gossip. And that's just the first three pages.

Teen-AgeTemptations 03 - Without a Conscience - Header

Some historical background )

And now, with the background out of the way, lets get on with the show.

The following story originally appeared in Teen-Age Temptation #3. Writing by Dana Dutch, art by Matt Baker (which, interestingly, means that the story had an all-minority creative team).

In which an underage girl ultimately makes a surprisingly mature decision and has a love interest who isn't a sexist jerk (8 pages under the cut) )

And, as a bonus - Some 1940s jokes )

Tune in next time as we delve behind the meme and take a look at the totally heterosexual adventures of Toni Gay and her boyfriend, Butch Dykeman.


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