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Terry Moore has previously announced that Francine and Katchoo would return in time for SiPs 20th anniversary next year, and has now announced what form their return would take (spoilers for those who havenĀ“t read the entire series)...

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Terry Moore (STRANGERS IN PARADISE, ECHO) guest-pencils this month's issue of FABLES, a standalone story that catches us up with Briar Rose, the Sleeping Beauty. When we last saw her, she had purposefully pricked her finger to reactivate her curse, in order to defeat an entire city of the Empire by putting them all to sleep. There's she's remained for many, many months now, dreaming in her Sleeping City...

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With the new Batgirl about to make her debut and consensus that it is not Barbara Gordon, I thought I would share an BoP tale where Babs gained the use of her legs. The story was written by Terry Moore with art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Got to be good, right? A not very dial up friendly 13 and half pages from issues 47-50 of Birds of Prey.

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Four pages from Runaways #7, with more proof that Takeshi Miyazawa CAN draw characters that look at least kind of like guys... as long as it's not Chase or Victor.

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