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It's time once again to turn back the clock to the !mpact era. This time around we have The Comet #1:
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Well what do you folks think?

Also there is still time to nominate for the Dailies Awards! Go here and support your favorites!
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Yes it's been awhile but I'm still going through the !mpact universe. To make up for lost time here is issue #1 and #2 of THE FLY

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So what do you fine folks think? Fun hero? Clueless fool? Wish I had issue #3? Go ahead and comment and let your opinion be heard!
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Well you know how I was going through The Shield series? Well I don't have issue #5. HOWEVER! I have decided to fill the gap with a character who first showed up in The Shield #4. Prepare yourselves because this is issue #1 of...THE BLACK HOOD!:
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Ok I had to cut a lot of this issue on account of there being so many two page spreads and my scanner not being all that big. I'll do what I can to not screw this up.
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