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Ok I had to cut a lot of this issue on account of there being so many two page spreads and my scanner not being all that big. I'll do what I can to not screw this up.
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stuff happened.
On to issue #3:
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Well it's been awhile but here's issue 2 of Legend of The Shield:
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Well what do you folks think so far? has it gotten better? Worse? Did I squander my money?
I'll try to post issue three soon.
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Yes my friends I have returned to you with more cheep goodness.

Since I've decided to make this a somewhat regular feature I picked up a few supplies:

(click to get a better view of the madness)

Now you may have noticed a lot of "Legend of The Shield" books in there. I figured with DC bringing him back I might as well show you all the !mpact version. Yes that's !mpact with a capital !. Weren't the 90's fun?
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Overall I thought it was a pretty good book. What do you all think?
Any tips on improving my posts?

I don't know if I'm allowed to create tags so I'll just list some of the ones that don't currently exist. title: legend of the shield, creator: mike gold, creator: jeff albrecht, creator: a. de guzman, creator: t. ziuko
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This one was hard, I said I wasn't a fan of the Pack, but in order to get to the glorious Demona-related crack of the final issues, I must press on. Here is #1-3 and #4-6...

The Pack Attacks )
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No, not the Nightwing villain, this is the D-list villain (Well, given the status of Nightwing's Shrike, possibly better to classify her as ANOTHER D-list villain called Shrike).

A former member of a one shot villain team called the Cadre, whose claim to fame was they were the first villain team created to fight the Detroit JLA (if claim to fame is the right turn of phrase for that)


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