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So Helena Wayne asks: "What do you give the man who has almost everything?" A very legit question considering Bruce Wayne is very much the 'Prince of Gotham.' An abundance of wealth, a mansion, an expensive penthouse, fancy cars, cool gadgets, lots of dates with sexy women both inside and outside of the Justice League, etc. All in all, the guy has it all very much handed to him on a silver platter. Should the man ever decide to marry (which he did in another lifetime), he'd fall nothing short of having a Royal Wedding of his very own.

But Helena does make one thing of note: he is a man who has almost everything. So now the question becomes "what doesn't he have?" Well family for one, and a reminder that there is still love in the world for two. Possibly *three* if she wasn't already related to him in some weird way, though I'm sure plenty have thought it (the pervs)…

Anyway, in stark contrast with the previous story I posted where Batman spends his holidays playing cat and mouse with a known foe (although there is a little of that too), this story focuses on the most important message of Christmas of all: love and family. Two things Helena Wayne is good at demonstrating to a man who has *almost* everything! ;)

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Lo and behold! My favourite Bat Christmas story ever told in all of its Slashy Glory! :D )

On a completely unrelated note, The Dark Knight Rises official trailer is finally up and legal! :D
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These stories were about Helena "going home" and revolved around her attempt at taking up the Batman mantle.


Char:Robin/dick Grayson,Char:Helena Wayne/Hunress,Location: Earth2,Creator:Joe Stanton,Publisher:DC comics, In joke: Bat-incest.
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