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Mates was a pop and romance comic aimed at teenage girls. These scans are from the 1977 annual. Yes, it’s Romance of the Week starring Linda Wright and Mark Ronson (who looks almost as good irl as he does after having time travelled backwards into this comic!!1!!). The art is, understandably, not signed. Presumably the artist was too ashamed and merely slunk away to try cashing his pay cheque before the art editor demanded their money back.

Linda Wright, wearing a small and see-through baby doll nightie, is watching Mark Ronson on telly presenting a programme called Romance of the Week.

Three scans for crack fans. )
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Some of the very, very best artwork David Lloyd has ever done, and a chilling story. In the real world.

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In the UK, there was, in my youth and in some ways to this day, a thriving, and very different comics industry to the US one, or even the mainland European.

Split between boys and girls comics, the former were just as likely to be slapstick comedy as adventure, and the latter were somewhere between romance comics and mild domestic dramas. Stories were one to three pages long, often episodic and could run for decades (Usually reserved for the comedy stories)

Recently, a UK newspaper produced, as a giveaway, reproductions of various UK comics from the 1970's and 80's. I'll feature some samples from these in a series of posts.

First up is the footballing (eg what everyone on the planet other than Americans calls football eg soccer) legend which is


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