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Three pages from Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #1.

Arana Page 1

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The very first appearance of Araña, and, re-reading this earlier today, it occurs to me that when I first read this book I took Lynn’s line about “waiting for my girlfriend” on face value and assumed that Anya was queer. I haven’t really had cause to reassess that reading since. Writer’s intent or no, does it count as subtext when it’s right there on the page?

I probably gave Marvel too much credit, in retrospect, for creating a queer Latino teen superhero, especially since, in recent months they’ve been trying to erase everything but the superhero part of that character description.

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Another post for Awesome New Female Characters Week - Introducing Spider-girl Araña, created by Fiona Avery.

Anya Corazon, is the half Mexican and half Puerto Rican 15 year old seconded by the super secret Spider Society (try saying that three times fast) to act as their agent in the fight against the evil Sisterhood of the Wasp. And despite this daft origin, she has risen above it to be awesome all over the place and shortly in her own (probably soon to be canceled) solo series.

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6 and a bit pages from Amazing Fantasy #6.

In which Anya has something to say about legacy costumes. )


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