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Poking back through a couple of very old issues from Cable's first solo series, I ran into an interesting little oddity I thought I'd share with the comm.

We all know Hope Summers, now teenaged, destined for Messiah-hood, finally back in the present day X-Men comics. And most of us have probably heard that the 'official' reason for her getting that embarrassingly significant name was in honour of another Hope Summers, namely Cable's short-lived second wife (why no-one ever gave the poor girl a name before her adoptive mother's death I still don't know). Hey, it's not like a character being introduced entirely to be the hero's disposable love interest is anything new in comics.

So I was pretty surprised when, back in those old Cable issues, I ran into an established character from his future-clan by the name of Hope, who existed way back as far as the nineties. This is her:

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