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(Cable #158'd taken place in the past.)

In the time of Apocalypse, the young Nathan was hanging out with friends.

" I saw a full-scan once. "

" Was it the guy who goes bamf and disappears? "

" Nah, it was an old woman with claws in her hands! "

" What about you, Dayspring? "

" Well.. umm.. my dad can shoot lasers out of his eyes! "

They didn't believe him.

They didn't have any reason to. )
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(Cable #157'd involved him and Nate Grey.)

It took place shortly after the first iteration of that team'd been formed.

They were in simulated combat against Deadpool (" It's because of the movie, isn't it? ").

They won through teamwork.

The simulation ended.

Another began.

" I am returned, selffriends!

" Did Cable mourn self when self died? "

" No! Nonono. Not Warlock. You're.. you're dead.. "

" This ain't cool. Even for you, Cable! "

Cable said that this wasn't his doing.

As he tried to shut the simulation down, the team fought the apparent Warlock.

He met them handily. )
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(Cable #156'd happened after the Messiah War.)

Cable was in his New York safe house when Nate Grey crashed through the roof.

The unconscious youth was hooked up to medical equipment.

He awoke later: " Run! It's coming for you!!! "

It, Cable's techno-organic enemy Metus, arose from the equipment.

Nate leapt at it.

" This thing was coming for you!

" I tried to warn you and failed. "

" You don't deserve a brother. " said Metus, smashing Nate aside.

He advanced towards Cable, tanking shot after shot.

" I was there when you two first met. I hoped you'd end him.

" But you wanted a new friend. Someone to play with.

" Part of you knew I would come.

" All these years.. you haven't learned! You're not allowed! "

" Metus, please listen to- "

Nate blew Metus' head off.

Cable grabbed the staggering boy and timeslid them out of there.

The remains of Metus receded. )
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(Cable #155'd happened in the present.)

Cable'd just left Stryfe's bad future with young Hope.

Both of them'd ended up in another bad time, another wasteland.

They walked through it, giving Cable time to recuperate for another timeslide.

Night fell; they met others.

Cable, recognizing danger, tried to back away.

The others advanced; Cable shot one of them.

They grabbed Hope and bushwhacked him.

" We're gonna make this nice and slow. "

" Either you kill her now..

" Or I shoot you both.

" She's a threat to the future. "

" Bishop! " Hope yelled.

" What you got to trade? " asked the one who had Hope.

Bishop answered. )
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Written by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, it was a story about his past.

It was about a monster from it.

That monster came to Hope Summers, at the X-Mansion.

It appeared in her room. )
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Poking back through a couple of very old issues from Cable's first solo series, I ran into an interesting little oddity I thought I'd share with the comm.

We all know Hope Summers, now teenaged, destined for Messiah-hood, finally back in the present day X-Men comics. And most of us have probably heard that the 'official' reason for her getting that embarrassingly significant name was in honour of another Hope Summers, namely Cable's short-lived second wife (why no-one ever gave the poor girl a name before her adoptive mother's death I still don't know). Hey, it's not like a character being introduced entirely to be the hero's disposable love interest is anything new in comics.

So I was pretty surprised when, back in those old Cable issues, I ran into an established character from his future-clan by the name of Hope, who existed way back as far as the nineties. This is her:

Pics beneath the cut )

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