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'They’re real-life super-heroes. It’s like when you read a comic, you’re not surprised when you see a panel where Superman is holding up a planet, right? It’s an absurd idea, but you would never think that was ridiculous. In the same instance, if I tell you that in secret, Einstein and Von Braun built a space station in secret, you’d be like “okay.” You know? You just kind of buy it, so yeah, you can get away with a whole lot just because those guys actually were that amazing. When you twist it and say “what if they weren’t just geniuses, what if they were super evil geniuses with agendas and plans and machinations,” there’s a lot of rope there.'

- Jonathan Hickman

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When we last saw him, Robert Oppenheimer had been murdered and devoured by his cannibal twin brother, Joseph. Then Robert woke up:

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