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The series about detectives who investigate the afterlife reaches the conclusion of its first story arc. We get some answers, as Cat and Doyle solve the case of who stole the box designed to measure a human soul.

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First, on a topic completely unrelated to the rest of this entry, has everyone seen the image on the Google main page yet?

Putting it here so that I'll be able to look at it again from time to time:

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Anyway... seven pages from the second issue of Mark Waid's new series about detectives who investigate the afterlife.

This issue, they're tracking down a box designed to scientifically measure the human soul. It's been stolen, and its creators have hired our protagonists to find it.

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Mark Waid's new series The Unknown started recently. Not to be confused with his other new series, Irredeemable, or his company's other new series, Unthinkable. I guess they're on an adjective kick.


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