Jul. 24th, 2010

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Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Scott McDaniel

So this is both the last issue and Mother of Champions's issue, which means that Bedard somehow has to write around, if he chooses, the whole baby factory issue. (To be fair, that's not really his fault - he inherits the concept from Morrison.)

But then he...doesn't. )

Oh, and in case you missed it, the last page does in fact have the entire Great Ten team as fetuses.
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First, we had the return of  Spoiler, Bart, and Conner; then we got Sonic the Hedgehog 4 pressed, and now...

THIS!!! )

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Boy howdy, are there going to be a LOT of guest stars on this show... check out the artwork lining the walls!
Most of the JLA, Red Tornado, Captain Atom and is that Zatara? )
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The 2010 Eisner Awards were handed out last night? Did Cry for Justice win anything (and, yes, it was actually nominated for something)?

Read more... )
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There was a request for some scans of the third issue of the current Liu/Acuna Black Widow book. The thing that works best as a standalone section is the fight with Elektra, so I'm gonna be posting that.

about four pages )
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Since Jarodrussel was plugging Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, here's one by Zeb Wells (who wrote Fantastic Four/Iron Man Big in Japan) and Kano who has some cute stuff on his website.
21 Things I want in a Lover )
Kano and Zeb Wells' run on Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four is really good. I'd recommend buying it . It's four little stories, each focussing on a different member of the team.

Also, Ifanboy.comhas a preview of SDCC 2011 )
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This is a connected version of the various posters used to promote Generation Hope

So we have.. Odd-looking Marrow-esque Apocalypse Girl, Hot and Cold Girl, Blur Boy, Sabreooth Redux and 90's-style-Cyborg-Bloke (Oh, and the Phoenix Force in the background of course)

Well, Blur Boy is pretty, and the ladies appear to be fine aesthetically apeaking, but I don't see that much Hopeful about the other two blokes.

Or is the notion of Hope apparently ironic like "Brightest Day"? (I know I know, her name is Hope, but I make the jokes I can with the material at hand.

I'm not sure enough about the artist to state who it is, and the page I got it from doesn't list it. Is it Greg Land? If anyone can confirm, I'll add to it tags.
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As I was thinking about the current theme of the week, I recalled two scenes which I have been hoping to post for a while now, both from David Lapham 's superb City of Crime. However, as I looked at both of them, I realized that the context is kind of required and thus going against the theme of the week, but decided to post them anyway with the context leading to those moments of beauty, beginning with Mr Freeze 's wedding plans. This contains two pages from Detective Comics 803, seven pages from Detective Comics 804 and six pages from Detective Comis 805.

Solemn vows about true love )


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