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The 30th Anniversary of Spider-Man had four supersized issued with holographic covers. They also had backup stories that showed parts of Spider-Man's origin from other perspectives. Here's part of Aunt May's perspective, with an idea that her dislike of Spider-Man didn't stem from what the Daily Bugle said.

Two pages of a five page story.

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I'm watching the Spider-Man 3 blu-ray and noticing certain... flaws. The commentary says Gwen Stacy was supposed to be in the taxi during the climax, not Mary Jane Watson. But for some reason, Mary Jane was used instead. A way to fix this is for Gwen *and* Mary Jane to be in danger during the climax. And here's a steal from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to complete things.

Gwen: Wait a minute. These two kidnapped us as bait for Spider-Man!
Gwen: ...It's a new experience for me.
MJ: Really? Happens to me all the time.

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I haven't touched on comics in a long time, but I've been following Kaine and Aracely in New Warriors. Fortunately, our faves left in Houston haven't been completely forgotten.

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We've talked a lot about CIVIL WAR and the JMS Spider-Man run elsewhere on this board, so I thought I would post a few pages about the big unmasking.

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Further down a bit, the subject of an X-Men post changed to J. Jonah Jameson. So, after the cut, is a page where we see that J. Jonah Jameson isn't *that* bad a guy when he starts a protest over video cameras all over Manhattan. Ah, the 1960s.

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[personal profile] joetuss  requested the OHOTMUDE entry for Spider-Man. Alas that's four pages and the 1/3 rule would make trimming that more trouble than it was worth, so I'm sort of side-stepping the request by using it to showcase something else the Handbooks did magnificently - Technobabble explanations for comic book science. And one of the best examples was

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SPIDER ISLAND briefly gave us the Spectacular Spider-Herc. But something sort of similar happened once before, in MARVEL TEAM-UP (Vol 2) #2.

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Electro has a rather odd supervillain origin story: electrical engineer is working on power lines, gets struck by lightning, gains electricity powers, decides to become a super-villain. Basically, he could throw lighting bolts but fought one of the few characters fast enough to dodge them.

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 #423 )


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