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Here are scans from Amazing X-Men 5 with light narration, I'm kinda pooped from school and work so thats why its so late (Issue 7 came out 2 weeks ago) so this will be quick.

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Remember when Marvel said "We're going to kill off a character each quarter. This isn't a joke." and people still assumed it was, in fact, a joke?

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From Savage Wolverine #13,  the second part of a two-part story, dealing with the illegal trafficking in exotic animals, I find I'm torn, between featuring the guest appearance by visiting "Professor Ramsey" at the Jean Grey School. (Honestly, Americans will call ANYONE Professor, won't they?) and a rather diverting confrontation between Logan and Tyger Tiger as they debate the ethics of contraband.

Phil Jimenez is on art and Phil and Scott Lope (Apparently he'd be known to some as Host of Wild Animal Repo on Discovery Channel) on writing duties.
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"I love Chris Claremont's work in general, and he did so many great things with Wolverine, including the Miller mini-series, him in the sewers of the Hellfire Club, his tenderness with Jean. An undercurrent then was how fast Chris was having a character that initially came over as an angry teenager grow up. And these days, in such great runs as Wolverine and the X-Men, he's come full circle, the most responsible adult in the face of Cyclops' angry rebel." -- Paul Cornell

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