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I posted this two years ago but with the end of Superior on the horizon I thought it warranted a reread. It also ties into a storyline in 'Superior Spider-Man Team-up' which I will try posting soon.

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When we last left our heroes, J. Jonah Jameson had repeatedly owned Spider-Man on live TV, causing our favorite web-slinger to seriously consider giving up his secret identity. But not content with mere verbal attacks, JJJ has gotten Tony Stark involved in his anti-vigilante vendetta!

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Best known nowadays for very dark, photorealistic artwork on books like Before Watchmen: Ozymandias and Marvel's Dark Tower books, his earliest comics work was of an altogether different style.

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These scans from:
Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, 1992
Namor #33, December 1992
Spider-Man #41,December 1993
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When we last checked in on our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler, he was having some difficulties catching a flight. But more adventures await our intrepid hero upon his triumphant return to America!

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Part 1 here -
Part 2 here -

Following his short time at Valiant where he did a lot of cover work outside of the Ninjak title he pencilled, Quesada and inker/pal Jimmy Palmiotti formed their own publishing company, Event Comics; launch title their creation Ash (Ashley Quinn), a fire-fighter turned alien-superhero.

The success of this venture would lead to Quesada and Palmiotti being approached by Marvel to revamp some of their weaker performing properties, and eventually Quesada being offered the Marvel EIC position which he held for over ten years.

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