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From Justice League International (80s version) #19

When we last left our heroes...


...Manga Khan had sent Lobo to kill the JLI space team, who were pursuing him to free the captured Mister Miracle, who the Cluster is taking to Apokolips. Barda, not wanting to kill their foe, teleported Lobo out of their hair. Unfortunately, where he landed was the JLI headquarters in New York. Even more unfortunately, he hit Guy Gardner on the head on his way in.

The Earth JLI doesn't know this mysterious visitor, just that he looks mean. They realize their problems are even worse when Guy has announced he's reverted to his old, obnoxious, personality.

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'We had so much fun with Beetle and Booster -- and it was actually a toss up, by the way, as to who was in the refrigerator. It was either going to be Beetle and Booster or Fire and Ice. I couldn't get Fire and Ice out of my head, so since I pretty much hijacked the book and said, "Hey, it's my universe! Go away!" Why not?' - Keith Giffen

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The League moves into their new embassies. Bruce & Guy are going over the one in Moscow, Dinah, Beetle, & Booster the one in Paris. The rest are handling the New York City embassy. The building is a fixer-upper.

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12 pages out of 38

A lot of us preferred the old pre-The Killing Joke Joker of the 70s and most of the 80s. Unlike the version since, there was so much variety in the types of stories you could do with him. You could do dark. You could do comedy. You could do dark comedy. It was whatever the writers felt like doing, that day.

Here's a story that was published the same day as The Killing Joke. The Joker has been contracted to kill the JLI. As this is the BWAHAHA era of the Justice League, you can guess how well that's going to go.

A cold, hard look into the terror and violence of insanity. Or something.

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'Comics are supposed to be fun. Like, "Oh my God I can't believe they did that!" I don't care about your convoluted continuity. I don't care how serious you want us to take your superheroes. I don't care about Hollywood. I'm not trying to make my books Hollywood friendly or easy to turn into a movie. I want it to be difficult, because we're going to go out and we're going to have fun. Right now, Justice League 3000 is the book I'm having the most fun doing, bar none. You're welcome to join us if you'd like to.' - Keith Giffen

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'That was, for a while, the way comics were being run. If the editor didn't like the direction a book was going, it didn't matter how well it sold -- they'd get in there and start pinching and tweaking and fucking it up. But lately -- and I know this for a fact, I've talked to people who actually make these decisions -- it's loosening up. It's really loosening up. They're actually saying, "You know what? You're always saying, 'If I was left alone, I would do this and this and this. I'd make this book popular.' Fine. The shackles are off. Go."'

'The minute I realized, "Oh my God, they mean it!" I said, "Why don't we bring Beetle and Booster back?" And they said, "Okay." I thought, "Oh, wow, they didn't take a swing at me. I don't feel like a wac-a-mole." I went, "Well, I'm also going to say it's not the New 52 universe -- it's going to be a whole different universe." They said, "Okay."' - Keith Giffen

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I don't have the time or resources to make an exhaustive post about all my faves (which would probably take a series of six or seven posts), so I'll just take this time to blather on about the first guy that comes to mind: a certain Mr. Nolan who has created some of my favorite Batman-

Chris Nolan

Wait, who the hell invited you? Hit the road!

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The 30th Anniversary of Spider-Man had four supersized issued with holographic covers. They also had backup stories that showed parts of Spider-Man's origin from other perspectives. Here's part of Aunt May's perspective, with an idea that her dislike of Spider-Man didn't stem from what the Daily Bugle said.

Two pages of a five page story.

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Going Sane

Jul. 23rd, 2014 02:02 pm
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I first posted this here three years ago but with I figured with Batman's anniversary it's worth another look. On a related note, Comixology is having a huge Batman sale right now (750 issues for 99 cents a piece) and this story is one of them.

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CAPTAIN AMERICA #276-278 contained a three part backup story called "Snapping" about Sam Wilson and his time as "Snap" Wilson. It isn't really a Falcon story, as Sam is only the Falcon in one panel. It is also by the same writer, J.M. DeMatteis, and artist, Mike Zeck, as the main story.

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J.M. DeMatteis wrote "The Death of the Red Skull" saga that went to CAPTAIN AMERICA #300. CAPTAIN AMERICA #294 covers a small but important part, where Steve Rogers wants to talk to Bernie Rosenthal about their relationship.

The art is by Paul Neary, who gives everything a very strong Steve Ditko vibe.

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