"Batman And..." #22 and #23 Solicitations

Dad, quasi-Mom, and the eldest of the Bat-children take center stage with the release of the last two solicitations for the "Batman and Robin: Stages of Grief" arc, one each for July and August.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and REMATCH! )

Also, has Tomasi talked about what's next for Batman and Robin after this? Are they ending the series or rotating Batman's partner line-up, like those old Animorphs stories with a different narrator every book?

Batman and Robin #11: "The Bat is on their side."

The gory Terminus and his cadre of Bat-scarred lieutenants take hold of Gotham in the latest Batman and Robin. Also, one SDCC photo that caught my eye below the cut:

Bashara, bashara )

Batman and Robin #10 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of issue #10 that should be out today, and it looks like Batman has been keeping up the tradition.

Making friends and influencing people.  )

Batman and Robin #7

The Day is just full of spoilers and game changers across comics.
I'll do my best to keep up with what I can find.

Nothing will ever be the same. )