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The Mountain vs. The Red Viper...Gotham City Style!!!

Couldn't resist posting this one page from this weeks "Batman and..." Guest Starring Ra's al Ghul. Batman tracks down Ra's who has stolen Damian's Corpse in order to use to Lazarus Pit to revive him. Batman stops him and is loading the body on the Batwing when Ra's following behind threatens vengeance on the Bat-Family and Gotham if he leaves with Damian, Batman turns and they duke it out...

Scan after the cut
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"Batman And..." #22 and #23 Solicitations

Dad, quasi-Mom, and the eldest of the Bat-children take center stage with the release of the last two solicitations for the "Batman and Robin: Stages of Grief" arc, one each for July and August.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and REMATCH! )

Also, has Tomasi talked about what's next for Batman and Robin after this? Are they ending the series or rotating Batman's partner line-up, like those old Animorphs stories with a different narrator every book?