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Invincible #87 was out this week, and was pretty much a textbook Invincible issue, reliably good, with a last page reveal that hints at excitement and an unexpected direction in the next issue.

All well and good, until I got to Penvincipals, and this letter, which I've edited to focus only one one section.

Here's a chap who belongs on Our Valued Customers
warning for misogyny and discussions of female sexuality in comics )

Now, I had more to say about this, but a) It's 0100 on Saturday morning and b) I worked 13 hours on Thursday and still haven't recovered.
My commentary will have to be cut down to just me saying that the letter writer is an ars and I had hoped that Kirkman would have offered more of a rebuttal to his points.
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Things are much lighter this issue, after the last arc's laugh-a-minute chuckles of planetary war, dismemberments, and abortion. Mark's on good terms with Eve, his parents are reconciling, and he's off to catch up on his old life.

four pages from #80 )
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One scene from Invincible #78 that should cheer the community.

And no, just because it's Invincible, it doesn't mean that somebody is being eviscerated, so this is gore-free.

Just remember that Mark has been off Earth for ten months.

Just remember that Mark has been off Earth for ten months. )
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Given the previous entry posted earlier with people discussing the preview, I figured I'd post the end of the issue. If you were one of the people concerned by the gore/violence/whatever, you might want to give this a look.

Scans under the cut... )
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Samantha Eve Wilkins AKA Atom Eve's the core female character in Robert Kirkman's Invincible series. When she was introduced, it was as a teen superhero from the same mold as Mark, who happened to be attending the same school as him. They soon became close and the pair have acted as support for one another since, with a will-they/won't-they chemistry being part of their ongoing relationship. Eve was genetically engineered to be a living weapon, but was unaware of this fact and developed a refreshingly practical outlook on superheroics and the best uses of her powers. Oh, and her love life.

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4 pages from Invincible #20 and 2 from Invincible #32 beneath the cut.

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Tags:char: invincible/mark grayson,creator: robert kirkman,publisher: image comics, creator: Fco Plasencia

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Greetings True Believers! This S_D 1.0 classic needed a re-post. Superman/Batman Annual #1. The issue that launched a thousand slashfics. The story that covered the founding of DC's greatest friendship (Or depending on your point of view, it's greatest romance).

This story has everything. Action, humor, the multiverse, screwing with Lois and a certain Merc with a Mouth?


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