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Somebody in one of the DC reboot threads asked for a running total on the number of racially and sexually diverse characters that are being promoted to hit the stands in September. Seeing as I was avoiding studying, a tally under the cut, based on covers.

I don't know, it actually looks pretty good )

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Last time, I castigated a themed-villain team that Karl and Barbara Kesel created for Hawk and Dove, the Cyber-Brats were... not good.

However, given some fun toys to play with, the Kesel's can have great fun.... Case in point; The Royal Flush Gang

Just over 7 pages from each of two 22 page issues.

Cue obvious 'cut' joke.. )

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Here we come to the final stretch of the Bloodlines epic. The Outbreak and Earthplague have passed, now the Earth faces its Deathstorm. The Parasites have become public knowledge, though that has helped the heroes very little thus far. 

In this part we get to meet the heir to a weapons manufacturing company Andrew Van Horn.

18 pages of a 56 page story.

Also an ad for the Bloodlines event that I found when I my friend showed me a copy of the Giant Sized Atom Special #2 that I borrowed to get a scan of.

Meet Gunfire. Who sadly enough does not have guns that shoot fire.  )

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The Karl and Barbara Kesel run on Hawk and Dove was one of my favourite titles back in the 1990's. They oversaw the introduction of Dawn Granger as the second Dove (Who was, to be honest, FAR more interesting than Don Hall had ever been) and created as good a superhero comic as one might hope to find as well.

The Kesels are amongst the few people who seems to "get" Jack Kirby characters and concept, Karl in particular used them a lot in things like this title (and Superboy), and in a way that was usually respectful, but expanded on them in ways that Kirby never did, usually because he was already moving on to his NEXT idea.

Take the Female Furies, Granny Goodness' elite warriors; Lashina, Stompa, Bernadeth and the marvellously named Mad Harriet. In some way these ladies are a lynchpin of the DCU, an equivalent perhaps to the MU's Wrecking Crew. They're powerful, versatile, each has an awesome visual design, and together form a team which is a good, but not unbeatable, challenge for a new hero team (or single hero if they're powerful enough) to test their mettle and resourcefulness. They also have the advantage of not needing much explanatory motivation "A mission from Darkseid/Granny Goodness" covers a multitude of plot points.

And at the same time, they had a static membership for a LOOOONG time. Prior to this story they had only ever added ONE member to the team when John Ostrander introduced the archer Artemiz and her cyber-pack (Technologically enhanced Apokaliptian wolves, NOT exactly cuddly puppies).

And then we had this story, from Hawk and Dove 21, with guest art from Steve Erwin, which presents us with a...


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