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Dr. Seuss made political cartoons back in the 40's, some of the most famous coming out during or before World War II. Have a look...

Warning for racism and disturbing images...

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Finally found something for my Joe Kubert "In Memoriam" post.

Among the characters Kubert's art graced is one Sergeant Frank Rock, who was the star of "Our Army at War" for many years.

Three pages of eleven from the lead story, "300th Hill", and a bonus.

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Next time, probably something from the public domain.

Your thoughts and comments?
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It's been a while since we last checked in with the "Life With Archie" title. As long-time readers will remember, this magazine showcases the alternate futures where Archie marries either Betty or Veronica. This Hiram Lodge becoming an archvillain. (We've since learned more about what happened to make him that way, and it's a doozy.) Plus a whole host of other subplots.

But today, we're going to look at the main plotline in Life With Archie #16, the marriage of Kevin Keller. This is likely to be a plotline controversial with social conservatives because--

--it's interracial! I'm pretty sure this is the first interracial marriage in Archie Comics, not counting aliens or monsters.

So, how did the happy couple meet? It turns out that even in the future presented here, the US is still fighting a war in the Middle East. :-(

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Your thoughts and comments?

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Greetings True Believers!

I saw this cool old-style Captain America poster and I thought it was the bee's knees.


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Greetings True Believers! Memorial Day had me thinking about one of my favorite series right now. Wildstorm's "Storming Paradise." It's a historical "What-If?" drama. The premise is that the atomic bomb test was a disaster and the Allies had to go through with the invasion of Japan in order to end WWII. It's great because of the level of the what if. The decision to use the atom bomb is still debated today. Was it necessary? Was it justified? What about the other options? (Personally I think it was the best card in a bad hand and the other options were far worse.)

This series explores one of those options. The invasion of Japan and how it might have played out. It got me thinking, would the atomic bombing of Japan have played out the same way in the Marvel or DC universe?

My question to my fellow S_Der's is this: How would the presence of super-powered beings, magic, aliens, etc. affected this moment in history? Would it have been the same? Would things have been different? Can this question be answered?
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