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First, Dynamite Comics did a new version of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Now, on the heels of that, they've launched the latest interpretation of Magnus: Robot Fighter.

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I now have a Imageshack account, but that's not important, what is Important is the comic I scan next! Magnus returns this time it's personal! Okay while not as classic as Steel Nation the next arc is just as good. This Arc Introduces another Character who becomes one of what I like to call one of Major connections between the two the Time Zones, RAI! Rai will be introduced into the main post but For now let's GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!
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There are many reasons why I only showed the end to Alpha and Omega mostly because I did not to run up the page limit and also because the first 12 issues of Solar are important to the overall Story of the Valiant Universe. So the next part let's focus on the other important establishing book Magnus Robot Fighter! Magnus was nothing like I was expecting, if I have to compare it to something it's like the New Doctor Who, more contemporary but also a continuation of the Old Series, this tends to be a strong contrast to Solar which is a total revamp with a new lead. It also deconstructs it's older stories. Also it's opening story Steel Nation is one of Variant's Best works so let's read on!
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