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So as far as I can tell, the only Models Inc. that's been posted here were the four pages of Tim Gunn that xdoop put up. Which is a shame, because as I recall there was a fair amount of talk about the title here before the issues actually came out.

Honestly, I enjoyed the mini overall. Well not the ending, because the "motive" was shitty and a little nonsensical, but until the end I found it a fun enough jaunt. I read them all (four issues) at once, which probably helped.

I'm planning to do a post on the positive aspects of Models Inc, because I want to give credit when I think it's due and.. I guess I really want to just make noise along the lines of "yes Marvel, I enjoyed your girl book for girls, in THESE ways". But first of all I am going to showcase the crap that came covering the diamonds because I also want to make "no Marvel, I hated the laziness in your girls book for girls, for goodness sake" sorts of noise. And thus: here we go! Four scans from Models Inc 1, and one scan from Models Inc 2.

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