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Tags:char: booster gold/michael jon carter,char: rip hunter,publisher: dc comics,title: booster gold, creator: CHRIS BATISTA, creator: keith giffen

My two dads anyone? )
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The Source has a post up about the new Rip Hunter Time Masters Mini announced in this week's Booster Gold.

The cover under the cut )

Suggest Tags: creator: Dan Jurgens, creator: Norm Rapamund, char: Rip Hunter, char: Booster Gold, char: Superman, char: Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
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It was requested some time ago during the last request a thon or the one before that to see a compilation of all the boards that showed up in Booster Gold.

Here are all the ones I could locate.

Jean Paul Valley Lives! )

Suggested tags

char: booster gold/michael jon carter, char: rip hunter, title: booster gold


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