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A lot of us on here seem to be Doctor Who fans, and this is fairly big news so I decided to post it. With Peter Capaldi wrapping up as the Twelfth Doctor, it has been an interesting wait to see who would succeed him.Read more... )
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"I realised a few months ago that I had one last Who tale left to tell, and this is it, my farewell to the 11th Doctor..." -- Paul Cornell

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show, IDW put out a special one-shot, written by Paul Cornell and drawn by Jimmy Broxton.

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Get the towels and lube handy. The muy sexy fanboy preview image to come out issue #2 will leave you and ooie pile of orgasmic goo on your floor.

I swear they must have known Comic Con was coming up and I am attending.

Resistance is sexy. )
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Smoke 'em if ya got them.
IO9.com has the previews, and I love their simplicity and nuance.

I'll be the corner now, massaging my head, letting the images and possibilities caress my inner fanboy.

To boldy go..... )
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I’ve posted some of Simon Williams work here before. Simon used to produce strips for Panini UK, until Disney pulled their license to produce new Marvel material for the European market. One of his pet projects, which later led to him drawing an official team up between Hulk and Death’s Head in the pages of Panini’s Marvel Heroes title was an unofficial crossover between the characters posted to his Deviantart. Well, recently, Simon posted the missing two pages from the crossover on his blog, adding an unexpected guest star and sending the story into the realms of the halcyon days of Marvel UK at its most cracktastic.


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Good evening ladies and gents! In just two weeks, we get our second Doctor Who Christmas Special with yet another classic reference in its title. I hereby present you with both the Children in Need special and the trailer for said Christmas episode!

Don't worry. It's nothing controversial this time...or at least it shouldn't be. Unless you count the Doctor being **spoilers** stripped naked by a remote-control controversial. But other than that it should be rated 'E' for 'Everyone.' :)

Anyway...roll tape! :) )
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So yeah, know how IDW's been publishing Doctor Who stuff?

Well, in addition to the miniseries (plural), they also did a varied set of one shots- a Leah Moore co-written tale of emotionless folk and Empathivores, a John Ostrander-penned " the Doctor makes a robot revolution happen " story (with a lovely ending), one involving H.G Wells and Torchwood, and so forth.

And then there's Room With A Deja View, written by Rich Johnston.

Which begins, as all things do, at the beginning.  )
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Many moons ago (29 years ago to be precise), before he even wrote for 2000AD, an up and coming UK writer wrote for Doctor Who Weekly. Fresh faced and sprightly (Well, actually probably not, but it's a fun mental image) this eager young creator wrote, amongst others, a little trilogy of back up strips detailing some unseen elements of the past of the Doctor's people, the Time Lords of Gallifrey. Even with Maxwell the Magcial Cat under his belt, who knew Alan Moore would go so far! :) The triology also introduced a couple of characters who would go on to bigger, and better, things, but not yet.

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Just one page from YAFGC, by the creator of The 10 Doctors (which as you all may recall, was posted here before). It amused me, so I'm sharing.

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So, following on from our red-nosed Turtles earlier in the week, I bring you more from the glorious Comic Relief comic of 1991.

You'll like it, but not a lot... )
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A return of a lost post. This comes from issue #55 of the New Zealand Doctor Who zine Time Space Visualiser. TSV contains the standard mix of news, reviews, articles and fiction in 80+ A5 pages, including a mix of both ongoing and standalone strips that range from regulation action adventure to the heart breakingly whimsical. This particular one is an 8th Doctor story sequelling the 1st Doctor story Web Planet, done as a pastiche of Beowulf.

Crysalis )


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