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A few pages from issue #5 of the Marvel UK title Dragons Claws. Death's Head was just being repositioned as a solo star after initially being created for the UK Transformers comic and had a couple of guest slots on the way to the relaunch in his own American format title.

This is one of them - after The Doctor (yes, from Doctor Who, who became a semi-regular thorn in Death's Head side) dumped him in the year 8162, bounty hunter freelance peacekeeping agent Death's Head is employed by a rival gang to subdue the violent Jones Boys. Unfortunately, Dragon's Claws - a team of government enforcers - have also been sent to do the same job.

Why is this moment perfect? Because even when demonstrating epic badassery, the one and only thing Death's Head is interested in is his bottom line.

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On a bit of a Death's Head kick at the moment (again) following his brief revival in Kieron Gillen's S.W.O.R.D.

So, here's some vintage Death's Head, from #1 of his solo series, written by Simon Furman and with art by some young jobbing artist called Bryan Hitch, or something.

In which Death's Head illustrates rule #2 of the bounty hunting freelance peacekeeping business.

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When even a giant evil robot from outer space is telling you smoking's a filthy habit, you know public opinion's turned.

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I wasn't much interested in the announcement of a S.W.O.R.D. ongoin, announced at Wizardworld Chicago, despite the presence of Beast and the promise of Lockheed as the team's Wolverine. Until I read this interview.

"And in the first issue, as I needed a bounty hunter for a plot beat..."

I wonder who they could be talking about.

But don't call him a bounty hunter. He's a freelance peace keeping agent, right?

Now can we get a guest slot in Deadpool, pretty please?
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What about Marvel U.K. stories that are long, long out of print?

Like this CRACTACULAR Hulk short by Moore & Gibbons? )

But seriously, if Marvel wants only their OWN images removed, why'd we lose all of our DC, DARKHORSE, DELL, HARVEY, WARREN, and indy images?
Livejournal and Photobucket just jump the gun and drop 'em all, or do they not know which company owns which characters?


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