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Note to self, Batman, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's new Justice League of America #1 was just . . . not very good.

Here's a good intro to the JLA: from JLA Secret Files & Origins #1, Star Seed!
7 pages out of a 21 page story )
This wasn't actually the first appearance of this iteration of the Justice League, it had shown up first a year before in Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare as well as the JLA monthly title by Morrison and Porter. But this was an excellent jumping on point for readers. It introduces the whole league, pits them against a world- and even universe-spanning threat, dire straits, epic stakes, break-neck pace . . . everyone (except Aquaman, sorry) has at least something to do, even if it's only contributing an idea (yeah, okay, Batman steals the show, but hey, it's Batman! I'm totally fine with that.) And all in 21 pages! No decompression! The whole league pretty much working together, plus special guest star the Spectre!

Note to self, Geoff Johns, that's how you do a good team book introduction.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; no, I'm not gonna let that little grammar slip-up go, not without a fight.
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Since I posted pages from the first issue of this miniseries five months ago, I thought I'd post four pages from the end, JLA/the99 #6.

As you may recall, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with several members of the 99, were at the unveiling of a City of the Future when suddenly people in the city (and soon all over the world) began rioting. Other disasters started happening as well, with several people acting out of character.

Sometimes, you have to know the right buttons to push. )

Your thoughts and comments?

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There's a threat in the Blackest Night that doesn't wear Nekron's colors; it's Starro and his many varieties of mind control starfish.

With nine galaxies' worth of thralls plus an elite vanguard of willing slaves, Starro the Conqueror now turns his gaze on our chunk of the universe.

So far he's been conquering us pretty good; the Gil'dishpan, the Dominators, Despero, Vril Dox's LEGION, nothing's stood for long against him.

Sure, Vril Dox's countermoves and the Lord of the Unliving's actions have stalled him temporarily..  )


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