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Warning: Contains more images than I've ever included in a single post before!

Question - What do Alex Ross, Alex Maleev, Sara Pichelli, Alan Davis, Pascal Campion, Pasqual Ferry, Joe Quinones, Simone Bianchi, Dave Dorman, Stan Sakai, Mike McKone, Dale Keown, Stephanie Hans, David Peterson, Mike Mayhew, Mike Deodato, Mark Brooks, John Tyler Christopher, Greg Land, John Cassady, Jenny Frison, Amanda Conner, Skottie Young and Bob McLeod have in common THIS WEEK?

Answer - They ALL have variant covers of Star Wars #1 coming out... and that's not even all of them!

The release of Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics this week is perhaps the publishing coup of the year, and you certainly can't say that Marvel and Disney and Lucasfilm haven't gone all out with the covers!

This is the main release cover...

Which is fine, and classic, and apporpriate and all///

but that's not even scraping the surface )
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From Comics Worth Reading:

"What do you do when your book is popular and there’s demand for more but you can’t fulfill it yourself? You ask your friends to help.

David Petersen has created two Mouse Guard series collections so far: Fall 1152 (released in 2007) and Winter 1152 (2009). While we patiently wait for the next volume, publisher Archaia Comics has announced Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, a spinoff anthology miniseries in which other artists tell stories of the warrior mice."

Contributing artists include Jeremy Bastian, Alex Shiekman, and Ted Naifeh. First issue is out in May (24 pages, $3.50). Small previews can be seen at the linked article.

But wait! There's more! (spoiler under the cut) )

I'd ask for a "Hell yeah!" from the comm, but that'll have to wait until I'm done squeeing.

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Last night [insanejournal.com profile] kijikun informed me that David Petersen is at SDCC. I need to start going to cons. D: Petersen is the genius responsible for Mouse Guard. As some of you might remember, I'm freaking crazy about this series. Kij was kind enough to offer to send me a sketchbook and some pins. *twirl* For those of you out of the know, the official site actually has a good introduction to the series, including character profiles and original pages for sale.

Here are two pages from the Fall 1152 extras bit, and one page of lush interior art from the same book.


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