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Ian Samson of City of Reality has done some great Metroid comics, that I thought I'd share :)

Metroid webcomics behind cut )
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A day or so later for the manga meme, but close enough :)

Manga and US comics are the same media, but come from very different traditions. Even with the large differences caused by this, though, they do share some common ground.

Like, for instance, they're both awesome ^^

Naruto vs f-Impulse speed clones behind cut! )
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The webcomic City of Reality has just come back from a season break, and it has a new page I just had to share :)

One Page from City of Reality behind cut )
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Another comic by Ian Samson of City of Reality, this time focused on Impulse!

Well, a slightly different Impulse at least ^^ (And of course she'd be friends with Miss Martian! They just gotta both be alive at the same time for a change)

What would the world be like if Impulse.... was a girl? One large comic with GirlBart, Tim, Kon, and random cute guy behind cut )
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I've been wanting to do a Miss Martian post of a certain artist's M'gann comics for awhile, and the latest Miss Martian news finally inspired me to get around to posting it.

Miss Martian, Miss Martian, and Miss Martian behind cut. Oh, and a little Blue Beetle, because he's cool like that. )


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