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Not a big surprise that my favourite male character is a lanky, prematurely balding blonde with a predilection for redheads and a knack for getting himself in and out of trouble with style, if not grace.

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Montage, from Le Petit Spirou by Tome & Janry

Even after 70 years of adventures, Spirou remains a somewhat enigmatic figure.
Who is he? Where does he come from? Does he have any family, and if so, where are they?
I'll attempt to answer these questions, or at least give you the different answers various writers have offered.

In my first post, I covered the creation of Spirou the character and the magazine, and showed some of the key moments from the early years of the series. In this post I'll present Tome & Janry's reimagining(s) of Spirou's childhood.

Nothing here should be NSFW, by the way, but Li'l Spirou has a fair bit of cheesecake fanservice.

Spirou's Younger Days )
Li'l Spirou )

In the next (final) entry in this series, I'll post bits from Emile Bravo's Journal d'un Ingenu, which places a young Spirou in the context of World War II, and finally reveals Spirou's real name!
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Dick Grayson might have the best butt in the DC universe, but Spirou's got the best butt in France!

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Machine Qui Reve is a bit of an odd book in the Spirou series, and certainly the most controversial. Not so much because of its subject matter, but becaus it was so dramatically different from the other books in the series, even the ones by the same artistic team. From what I can gather, Tome & Janry wanted to modernize the classic character, and bet the farm on this book. As sales ended up not being great, it was a failed gamble in a way, but it did get a lot of people thinking about what the essence of Spirou really was.

The story does certainly have faults. The art and tone are quite bleak, and a bit jarring when compared to what had gone before. As well, the story is a bit short to do more than a casual treatment of the underlying issues of bioethics and identity. For all of it though, the book remains one of my favourites.

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I got a bit of encouragement in my last Spirou post to do some more, so I thought I'd start with one of my favourites of the Tome & Janry era, La Vallee Des Banees.

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