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I see that there are (used to be?) some Spirou fans around here. So I thought I'd make a post to mark the 75th anniversary of Spirou as a character, a comic and a magazine (on April 21):

Sketch by Yoann for InediSpirou
"Is this really necessary?"
(Image from InediSpirou)

Yes it is! )
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So I got a bunch of hate (haaaaaaate!) for my last post from people who inexplicably thought Spirou was a child (WTF?). So I figure that it's largely based on Franquin's art not being full of huge, sharply defined muscles and therefore must not be an adult male (which he actually is).

So therefore, here are a couple of partial pages from Spirou et Fatasio à Tokyo with the more manga-oriented style of Jose-Luis Munuera. And, of course, butt shots.

a bit more clothes, a bit more butt )
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The beginning of a beautiful friendship

When Spirou was created by Rob-Vel, he was a rather blank and anonymous character. And even though Franquin later expanded his personality and gave him a human dimension, he still lacks a true psychology. ... I had so many questions: Why does he wear a hotel uniform when he never works as a bellhop? Has he ever been in love? Does he have any political views? How did he and Fantasio become lifelong friends? Who is Fantasio, anyway? And Spip, who is he? How come he can think?
— Émile Bravo

This is my last post in the series that explores the origins of Spirou. The first focused on the creation of the character and the early years of the series before Franquin, while the second presented Tome & Janry's comedic versions of Spirou's childhood. I'll wrap it up with Émile Bravo's acclaimed origin story, Le journal d'un ingénu and its prequel, but first I'd like to come at it from another angle: What are the experiences that turn readers (and future comic book artists) into Spirou fans?

Becoming a Spirou reader, and creator )
From bellhop to globe-trotter )
Back to the beginning )
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Montage, from Le Petit Spirou by Tome & Janry

Even after 70 years of adventures, Spirou remains a somewhat enigmatic figure.
Who is he? Where does he come from? Does he have any family, and if so, where are they?
I'll attempt to answer these questions, or at least give you the different answers various writers have offered.

In my first post, I covered the creation of Spirou the character and the magazine, and showed some of the key moments from the early years of the series. In this post I'll present Tome & Janry's reimagining(s) of Spirou's childhood.

Nothing here should be NSFW, by the way, but Li'l Spirou has a fair bit of cheesecake fanservice.

Spirou's Younger Days )
Li'l Spirou )

In the next (final) entry in this series, I'll post bits from Emile Bravo's Journal d'un Ingenu, which places a young Spirou in the context of World War II, and finally reveals Spirou's real name!
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From the title page of Coeurs d'Acier by Yves Chaland

Even after 70 years of adventures, Spirou remains a somewhat enigmatic figure.
Who is he? Where does he come from? Does he have any family, and if so, where are they?
I'll attempt to answer these questions, or at least give you the different answers various writers have offered.

In this post I present the creation of Spirou and his constant companions, Spip and Fantasio. I also show samples of what the series was like in the very early days.

The birth of Spirou )
Early misadventures )
Spip and Fantasio )

In the next entries (EDIT: I originally said there'd be one more entry, but I think I'll split it in two) I will post excerpts of the various revisionist origin stories that have been told over the years, including the popular Li'l Spirou and the recent Journal d'un Ingenu.
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Dick Grayson might have the best butt in the DC universe, but Spirou's got the best butt in France!

and i can prove it )
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I'm one of those European comic fans who only relatively recently started to get into the American comic world, mostly thanks to s_d.
I've been discussing comics with some of my online friends, and I've scanlated for them bits and pieces from a few European comics. I always planned to some day post that stuff in scans_daily, too. So here you go :)

11 pages + cover there, while the full comic is about 60 pages.

I've got scanlations of some other European stuff (Gaston Lagaffe, Lena Furberg comics, Cocco Bill, Benoit Sokal's Canardo) and I've been thinking of posting them some day too.
(Oh and the old s_d had a "bande dessinée" tag. Now there seems to be "medium: manga" and "genre: manga" in the tags, but no tag for BD. If a BD tag is added, should it be called genre or medium?)
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In honor of the ongoing Tour de France, here's a taste of a classic Spirou & Fantasio story newly available in English, A Head for Crime by André Franquin (La Mauvaise Tête, 1956, 54pp).

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Fantasio freaks out

Since nezchan has been posting great selections from some of the newer Spirou stories in French, I thought people might like to see one of the real classics in English translation.

Z is for Zorglub ("Z comme Zorglub", 1959-60, 61pp) is one of the most popular stories by André Franquin, a man who is to Spirou what Carl Barks is to Donald Duck, or Stan Lee to the Marvel universe.

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Machine Qui Reve is a bit of an odd book in the Spirou series, and certainly the most controversial. Not so much because of its subject matter, but becaus it was so dramatically different from the other books in the series, even the ones by the same artistic team. From what I can gather, Tome & Janry wanted to modernize the classic character, and bet the farm on this book. As sales ended up not being great, it was a failed gamble in a way, but it did get a lot of people thinking about what the essence of Spirou really was.

The story does certainly have faults. The art and tone are quite bleak, and a bit jarring when compared to what had gone before. As well, the story is a bit short to do more than a casual treatment of the underlying issues of bioethics and identity. For all of it though, the book remains one of my favourites.

sweet dreams really aren't made of this at all )
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I got a bit of encouragement in my last Spirou post to do some more, so I thought I'd start with one of my favourites of the Tome & Janry era, La Vallee Des Banees.

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My first post here, although I've been following the community on and off for quite a while. But I couldn't let One Perfect Moment pass by without one of my very favorite teams, Spirou and Fantasio.

A lot of folks in North America have never heard of this series, even though it's been running since the 1930's over in France, and it's a total shame. European comics are fantastic, but hardly anyone scanlates them (does anyone, come to that?) because everyone and their little dog Toto is busy scanning manga to deal with a bit of French. Anyhow, the action is clear enough to know what's going on, so it's still easy enough for us anglophones to follow.

In any case, by way of setup, Spirou is an adventurer/reporter (and former bellhop, who retains elements of his original uniform) who lives with his best friend (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Fantasio, who's similarly an adventurer/reporter. Spirou tends toward the strong sense of justice and heroism, and is also a well-trained fighter in his own right. Fantasio, by contrast, is much wackier and fun-loving, and is able to pull off rather impressive feats under duress, such as crossing a river by using crocodiles as stepping-stones, and so forth. The third member of the team is Spip, Spirou's pet squirrel, who has rather cynical thought bubbles and seems aware of the narrator, although he gets on well with our two heroes (who I'm convinced are way more than "just friends").

robots on ice! )


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