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So a while back, I introduced you to Nävis, the little space castaway who could speak to animals, and her best friend, the tigrour Houyo. So now I'm back to tell you how the two of them got together in the first place.

All translations by,

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So someone was asking in another thread for more Euro comics love, and it just happens I have something to share. So without any more hesitation, here's 15 scans out of 47 from Morvan & Munuera's wonderful series, Nävis!

Scans are not mine, but I did the translation. Translated the whole volume, although I doubt I'll end up distributing it to more than a few friends.

NSFW for very young jungle girl running around in a loincloth, but she's not sexualized at all despite the topic of the volume. Also some exo-boobs here and there and a little blood.

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