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I love love love pre-megalomadman, Superbuddies-era Max Lord and Sue Dibny together. Let me show you why!

I'd expect this sort of thing from your husband, but not from you! )

So there you have it, my never-gonna-happen fantasy OTP. Then DC hadda go ruin everything by making Max all Evil!Psycho!Villain!, and we won't even discuss what they did to Sue *shudder* But ah well, we'll always have Superbuddies!
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[personal profile] werehawk requested scans of Ambush Bug meeting the Substitute Heroes, in DC Comics Presents #59 from July 1983. It's a 23 page story, which my calculator says gives me 7 2/3 pages to play with, but even so, cutting this baby down was hard.

And it goes a little something like this. )

By the way, if you're thinking the art looks a little different from Keith Giffen's usual output of the era, note that there's a text box on the first page saying the ish is dedicated to original Superman artist Joe Shuster. So there's some conscious mimicry going on there.

Tagapalooza, and this will be fun, because most of the Subs have no tags:

char: ambush bug/irwin schwab, char: antennae lad, char: chlorophyll kid/ral benem, char: color kid/ulu vakk, char: double header/frenk & dyvud retzun, char: fire lad/staq mavlen, char: infectious lass/drura sehpt, char: polar boy/brek bannin, char: stone boy/dag wentim, char: superman/kal-el/clark kent, creator: keith giffen, creator: kurt schaffenberger, creator: paul levitz, group: legion of substitute heroes, in-joke: funny, publisher: dc comics, title: dc comics presents
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Greetings True Believers! I stumbled across something funny on my never-ending internet quest.

Just follow the link! It's worth it. Loki sez: "Damnit Odinson! Puff puff give! Puff puff give!

Read more... )


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