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I love love love pre-megalomadman, Superbuddies-era Max Lord and Sue Dibny together. Let me show you why!

I'd expect this sort of thing from your husband, but not from you! )

So there you have it, my never-gonna-happen fantasy OTP. Then DC hadda go ruin everything by making Max all Evil!Psycho!Villain!, and we won't even discuss what they did to Sue *shudder* But ah well, we'll always have Superbuddies!
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Sam is a 6 ft tall dog with a fondness for blue suits, fedoras, and fudgesicles. Max is a semi rabid lagomorph. Together, they solve crimes in as over the top fashion as they can manage. This time though, they're not stopping crime, but playing a little game called fizzball!

Batter Up!

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This post is dedicated to Big Brother.

He was talking about Antichrist and said that while it was a decent film, you did get to see a lot of Willem Dafoe's dick. This is slightly off putting when all that's going through your head is that it's Norman Osborn, apparently.

So, I told him about Sins Past and about a chance to see Norman Osborn's O-face when he's impregnating Spider-man's girlfriend, but that the real fun with Naked Norman Osborn was from Thunderbolts.

Yes, this is as Bill as the Hills, but it's The Best Norman Osborn scene ever (even better than Dark Avengers #3 and is pretty much the reason why we got Dark Reign.

God Bless President Goblin )

If you like it, buy your own copy of Caged Angels at amazon. Yours probably won't be signed by Warren Ellis like mine, but never mind.
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More fabulous art of Kurt Wagner's fabulous ass. It's been posted before, I think, but it's a goodun. (Like there's such a thing as a BAD Nightcrawler booty shot.)

If someone remembers which comic this cover art was done for, let me know, and I'll add it to the tags list. I'm afraid it's gone clear out of my head.

Suggested tags: char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, series: gratuitous butt shot week, creator: esad ribic, title: wolverine, in-joke: never gets old (EDIT: new tags added! Thanks, [personal profile] roily_rogue!)
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Well, if everyone else is doing it! ;)

Almost THE definitive gratuitous buttshot for Mr Grayson (Though I'm sure I'll think of others

A couple more...  )

char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, char: batman/bruce wayne, series: gratiuitous ass-shot week, creator: norm breyfogle, creator: don newton, title: batman, title: detective comics, in-joke: never gets old, in-joke, context is for the weak
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It's a wee bit early, but I've been home sick for the last three days, and desperately need some cheer. This was posted on S_D 1.0 and prompted me to buy my very first non-collected comic book. So here it is, Christmas, Bat- and Super-Dickery style:

Cutting this story was hard. 3 1/3 pages of 10. )


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