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"I love her new design, and I love her original design. The new costume is so fantastic because it's not only something I wish I owned, but it makes sense for her as a capable, crime-fighting vampire! We'll absolutely see her classic look, but what's changing is how she wears it, and when."

- Kate Leth

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CBR: Overall what kind of tone do you want "Hellcat" to have? What I've read suggests this series will be a fun, character-driven, superhero comedy adventure. Is that a fair description?

Kate Leth: That's pretty much it! Fun is the name of the game. This is not grim-dark, self-serious stuff, although that doesn't mean we won't get real with it. It's an adventure book, a romance book, a crime-fighting book! It will have plenty of jokes, action, feelings and sweet fashions. I like to think of it as living in the "Squirrel Girl" and "Howard the Duck" family (especially with Canadian Authors and Adorable Artists), but with shades of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Real Life Woes in there.

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