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Continuing Harvey Dent's 75th anniversary is Matt Wagner's 'Faces' from Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30. It's considered by a lot of people to be one of the definitive Two-Face stories. I'm personally on the fence; it's well-written and drawn but Harvey's character and overall motivations are fairly inconsistent with how he's usually depicted. The story might have been served better with a number of other Bat-villains instead. But who knows, you might think differently.  

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The titular conflict of Matt Wagner's Grendel vs. The Shadow was one such.

The former ended up in the latter's time after he'd read an ancient scroll.

He then set out to master his past as he had his present.

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So. The Riddler. As far as Gotham villains go, his parents were typically not Parent of the Year material - the most "popular" origin for him these days is that his dad beat him when he was little for getting good grades, because Mr. Nygma couldn't stand the idea that his son was smarter than he was, and forced li'l Eddie to "admit" to cheating. The adult Riddler's obsession with twisting the truth via riddles is supposed to be an extension of that... or something.

But as I have no desire to discuss such ugly things today, let's look at the times when Mr. Nygma was (implied to be) a semi-decent father.

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I'll get around to posting some of the other storylines from this series at some point, but first I thought that I'd post how the series ended, by bring back Amy Reeder and introducing some of the elements from the first storyline, Disenchanted.

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Previous part,

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.
So twice five miles of fertile ground
With walls and towers were girdled round:
And here were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;
And here were forests ancient as the hills,
Enfolding sunny spots of greenery. (lines 1-11)

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Today I thought that I'd start a brief look at Matt Wagner's series based on the then relatively obscure character, the titular Madame Xanadu.

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Was there ever a period of creative ferment as compressed and productive as DC Comics in late 1986 and early 1987? Looking at the ads in this comic, I see that Watchmen was underway, the Giffen/Maguire "One punch!" period of the Justice League was starting, The Dark Knight Returns had just finished up and Miller/Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One was published. So was "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?", and George Perez started his noted run on Wonder Woman a couple of months later. All have, quite rightly, been collected for posterity, sometimes several times.

Right in the midst of this is one more comic that would seem to be of a piece with the others but has been largely forgotten and never collected. If you want to read them, you need to track down the originals of Matt Wagner's four-issue miniseries Demon. It's a little difficult to see why, though I think it's a mixture of two factors. Wagner had just finished his acclaimed indie comic Mage: The Hero Discovered and this new work suffered by comparison for DC's lower-quality production values -- four-colour printing and newsprint didn't do Wagner's art any favours. And secondly, has there ever been a character of such promise as Etrigan who never came to fruition? Maybe it's the difficulty of writing him in rhyme all the time. He's been given a launch or relaunch no less than five times by my count and never hit the big time.

Nevertheless, there's gold to be found in this iteration of the yellow-skinned demon. This extended sequence, from issue #3, demonstrates why you never, never talk to demon lords.

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