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"We find ourselves saying “It’s Mad Max meets Lord Of The Rings” or “The Walking Dead for the D&D crowd”. Seth and I were into a lot of the same stuff. We both read Stephen King’s Dark Tower books throughout our teenage years into adulthood. We grew up with that series. THE REALM draws inspiration from a lot of places and very much becomes its own thing along the way."

- Jeremy Haun

"For me I’d say that the biggest influences were Mad Max and Dungeons & Dragons. Along with that, there are a lot of other things that probably inspired me as well. I don’t read a ton of fantasy novels, but I love Joe Abercrombie’s work. His books are phenomenal, gritty fantasy with a very realistic tone."

- Seth Peck

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The specter of Norman Osborn still looms large. While Steve Rogers is trying to rebuild SHIELD(have they actually called it SHIELD since Rogers took over? I'm not sure I've actually seen them use the name) post-Siege and rogue HAMMER members try to re-establish that organization as an independent entity operating with Osborn's ideals, if not his direct guidance, now we have to worry about more fallout from the Siege of Asgard.

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