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I’ll be glad when I’ve finished Karnak, because having that little bastard in my head is probably doing me damage. -- Warren Ellis

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"Honestly, I think the set-up is so simple, but the character runs so deep and strange, that I just hope other people are as fascinated by the weird little bastard as I am. He does incredibly altruistic things for really kind of screwed-up deeply personal reasons, and does them in such a violent and misanthropic way that he might actually be the villain of the piece." -- Warren Ellis

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"I’m an idiot for deciding that writing a book about a guy who can karate-chop stuff to death required me to read several volumes of mind-crushing nihilistic philosophy. Karnak is completely mad, and espouses the most depressing ideas imaginable..." -- Warren Ellis

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The specter of Norman Osborn still looms large. While Steve Rogers is trying to rebuild SHIELD(have they actually called it SHIELD since Rogers took over? I'm not sure I've actually seen them use the name) post-Siege and rogue HAMMER members try to re-establish that organization as an independent entity operating with Osborn's ideals, if not his direct guidance, now we have to worry about more fallout from the Siege of Asgard.

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I have no ideas how this mini-series and it's cracktastic goodness passed me by but this is freaking metal! You've got not one but TWO Ghost Riders, Gun Wielding Nuns!, The Sons of Satan!, Biker Zombies, and a whose-who of crazy villains. So for a sample of what Jason Aaaron has unleashed upon the Marvel Universe I present battles between the Ghost Riders verses the unlikely alliance of Big Wheel and Trull the Unhuman!

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