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Atrocious fashion week?  Well, I'd be remiss if I neglected this page from X-Wing: Rogue Squadron #28.

Assorted pages and panels of a Rebel pilot in ugly, ugly clothes. )

Suggested tags: title: star wars, char: wedge antilles, group: rogue squadron, series: atrocious fashion week

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I really like Wedge Antilles. This is a bit from "The Phantom Affair", an arc of the X-Wing Series comics known for really good art, which has a flashback to when his parents were killed.

Sorry, I'd write something witty and catchy, but nothing's coming to mind.

So yeah, that's a bit from "The Phantom Affair" that I posted on old s_d. Thinking about more x-wing posts. This series has its ups and downs, but I like it.
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Not anything from the main plot of the issue, or even Fel's entrance into Rogue Squadron. I love that main plot, but this has very little to do with it. The first three pages, posted here, are the funeral service. Here's the cover art; click here for full.

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Have a nice Memorial Day.
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This comic was about the backstory of Baron Soontir Fel. After Vader's death, he was considered to be the best pilot in the Empire. He gets mentioned from time to time elsewhere - Thrawn recruited and cloned him, he showed up briefly in the New Jedi Order, his son became one of Jaina Solo's love interests, and in the "Legacy" comics the Emperor is a Fel. But he's at his biggest in the Rogue Squadron comics, where he was first introduced.

It was a special forty-one page comic.

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